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Paliria manages 6 state of the art production facilities, in Greece, Bulgaria, Jordan and China! The total annual production output, is almost near 29,000 tons including a wide range of traditional ready to eat meals and appetizers. Total man power for 2023, exceeds the 2.000 employees. Paliria, keeps investing and expanding its presence, in a global level, in order to deliver its Greek top quality products all over the world!


Production facilities in Greece are located in Politika, Evia and are almost 10.500 square meters. In Greece, where the headquarters of Paliria remain since 1957, Paliria is reinforced with a man power of 500 employees and its production dynamic rises to 35 tons per day.

In Greece, apart from the famous dolmas, we produce all the products based on legumes, the fresh prepared line of “Spitika”, our frozen products and every new designed product, since the research & development department is activated here. 


Paliria’s facilities in Bulgaria are one of the company’s most important investments, regarding its international expansion. This modern unit, significantly enhances Paliria’s production capacity in the dolma category and it remains crucial for its development, as a whole. In Paliria Bulgaria, are occupied approximately 850 people, the plant has the capacity to produce 40 tons per day and expands in a total area of 11,500 m2. Paliria’s handmade dolmades, as well as eggplant-based products produced in Bulgaria. 


Paliria’s production facilities in China are of strategic importance for the company’s development, as they enable better services to the nearby markets which are rapidly developing & under the company’s focus!


Paliria’s production facilities in Jordan, constitute company’s most recent investment. The increased demand for ready to eat, meals and especially for Paliria dolmas, led the company to create another modern production unit in an area where dolmas are already a great part of their culture, so there is not only an expertise in terms of staff, but also an increased consumer demand from the wider region.