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Social Responsibility

Respect and support for local communities, society as a whole and the environment constitute our constant priorities, trying to act daily towards this direction.


Paliria offers its support and strengthens the initiatives of important social and charity organizations and also Local Government Organizations. In addition, Paliria, supports social grocery stores in the local society. We are concerned about the local community and its problems, taking seriously the adverse economic conditions that our country has been experiencing in recent years. We try to constantly support vulnerable groups, starting with local communities, through product donations and other supportive programs.


Paliria has designed and implemented recycling actions in its plants and warehouses as well as in its office buildings. The purpose of this, is to inform, educate and also raise the awareness of our employees by engaging them and involving them in the recycling culture, in order to adopt it as a life culture both in their professional but also in the their personal lives.