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Our people

Our people are the leading force of our success!

We are a large group of people dedicated to the same mission: to make consumers all over the world feel happy and fulfill, with the Authentic Greek Gastronomic Experience we offer them, through our meals!

Since 1957, we have remained committed to the principles and the set of values of Paliria Company that were first cultivated by its founder, Antonis Souliotis and then passed from generation to generation, remaining unchanged for 65 years!

All employees at Paliria have a high sense of responsibility, respect and love for the traditional Greek cuisine, at the same time we all remain committed to maintaining high quality at all stages of production as well as the services provided. We all have as our primary concern, customer satisfaction and we are all focused on innovation with the aim of adopting new global food trends that will lead us into the next day.

Behind every favorite product, every great taste, every original & unique idea, behind the distinctions and quality certifications of Paliria, there is a Strong, Dynamic, Connected team.

The Paliria team!