Tri-color Quinoa with corn & orange dressing

Tri-color Quinoa with corn & orange dressing

Tri-color Quinoa with corn & orange dressing

The tri-color quinoa with corn and orange dressing from the new Paliria ON YOUR SIDE series is a healthy and nutritious meal based on the “pseudo-cereal” quinoa!

Quinoa has gained the preference of millions of consumers worldwide as it is a nutritional powerhouse with a unique flavor and numerous health benefits. It is considered an ideal base for salads, side dishes, or main meals with the right combinations. Here, in the new Paliria ON YOUR SIDE ready-to-eat meals series, it comes as a light and very tasty nutritious proposal, always by our side whenever we need it!

For this recipe, the tri-color quinoa – white, red, and black – is perfectly cooked and combined beautifully with corn, red peppers, and finely chopped mint. All of these, along with the orange dressing and its distinctive citrus flavor, give a rich aromatic body to this nutritious and healthy meal that we can enjoy hot or cold, easily and quickly, no matter where we are!

Tri-color Quinoa with corn & orange dressing


60% tricolor quinoa boiled (White-red-black), corn 16%, red peppers, sunflower oil, concentrated lemon juice, water, sugar, concentrated orange juice 0,9%, salt, mint, chili pepper.
May contain traces of wheat, soya, sulphites, celery and mustard.

Nutritional Information

Per 100 g
Energy Value
666kj / 160kcal
of which saturated
of which sugars
Dietary Fibres


The product is ready to be served.

It should be kept in a cool and shady place.

After opening, it should be refrigerated and consumed within 3 days.

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