A great distinction, with a Silver Jubilee Medal for Paliria Jordan!

On 16th of April, Paliria Jordan received a great distinction from his Majesty King Abdullah II, receivingtheSilver Jubilee Medal, for the company’s contribution to the Jordanian Economy.

Paliria S.A. is a Greek Multinational Company, that is activating in the production & distribution of ready to eat meals, since 1957. It is the No1 Dolma & Vine Leaves Producer in the World, with its products present in more than 60 countries.

Paliria S.A. operates the plant in Jordan since 2020 and plays a significant role in the nation’s economy offering employment opportunities while boosting the Jordanian economy in total.

Hence, His Majesty King Abdullah II, honoured Paliria Group with the Silver Jubilee Medal, marking the company, as one of the leading innovative enterprises in Jordan.

“We are more than grateful for this esteemed distinction! The motivating and encouraging words will serve as an incentive to continue our hard work and achieve even more for Paliria Jordan!” said ourGeneral Manager of Paliria Jordan, Giannis Bsarat.